Use Prettier with VSCode
October 21, 2021 javascript vscode

Forget about manually running Prettier.

Wordpress Plugins
April 15, 2021 wordpress

A list of plugins that I regularly use for Wordpress sites.

Wordpress Theme Deployment
March 28, 2021 wordpress ci/cd

Deploy a custom Wordpress theme with zero downtime using Github Actions.

Worpress Theme Development
March 3, 2021 wordpress

The easiest way I have found to work on a custom Wordpress theme is to use Local.

Automated Deployment with Watchtower
February 21, 2021 docker ci/cd

You can use Watchtower to automate the deployment of a dockerized app on a VPS.

Basic Dockerfile for a Node App
February 18, 2021 docker node

This is a simple Dockerfile that builds a full stack Javascript project.

Cron Local Mail
February 16, 2021 cron unix

To see the output from cron you need to have a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) installed.

Postgres Quickstart
February 15, 2021 postgres

Here is how to get started with Postgres on Ubuntu.

Cron Environment
February 14, 2021 cron unix

Cron often runs in an almost empty environment.

ESLint with Typescript
February 13, 2021 typescript eslint

ESLint can be used alongside Typescript to enforce coding standards.

Automated DB Backups on B2
February 12, 2021 b2 cron postgres

Setup a cron job to export and upload a Postgres DB backup to a B2 bucket.

Hello World
February 12, 2021